Structural ANALYSIS, Program Design & Personal Training

Here at Dynamic Nutrition We Personalise Everything!

No phony templates or copy and paste because we understand that everyone is different and we all have unique requirements. This is why we put a huge emphasis on finding out how your body works and whether or not you have any under active or overly tight muscles that you may be dealing with, before we design your training program.

Using our specialist structural imbalance test and our detailed initial consultation form, we find out everything that is going on with your body physically. This enables us to put you in the best position to achieve your health and fitness goals as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Our training programs are made to suit you, so whether you require a 5 day weight training program or a program with 3 days yoga and 2 days in the gym, we personalise it to suit you and your lifestyle. If your goal is running marathons, bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit or even injury rehabilitation, Dynamic Nutrition will set you in the right direction.

As Brendon and Nikayla both have extensive experience, the certifications to back it up and most importantly a passion for all aspects of health and fitness, who better to show you the ropes.

We are both available for one on one training sessions… whether its taking you through a day of your current training program to ensure you are applying yourself sufficiently to reap the desired benefits, pushing you to that next level of intensity or simply mixing it up with a fresh perspective and a new approach, we are driven by results and we have the skills to understand where you are in your journey and how to integrate the next step to your continued progress.

Please only enquire for Personal Training sessions if you’re serious as we have very limited availability.

To join our amazing team, contact us today and put your health and fitness first.