Ultra Flora Restore Dairy Free - 60 Capsules

The probiotic strains in Ultra Flora Restore may:

  • Maintain healthy gut flora balance.
  • Assist digestive health and wellbeing.
  • Remain full strength when stored at 30°C for up to 60 days.


Clinical Benefits

Aids general health and wellbeing: One in three probiotic consumers take a probiotic to maintain gut health and immune wellbeing. Ultra Flora Restore Dairy Free supports gut function, maintains healthy flora balance and supports wellbeing via dendritic cell regulation.

May assist in maintaining healthy gut flora balance: The probiotic strains in Ultra Flora Restore Dairy Free have been shown to assist in maintaining and restoring the normal healthy flora by utilising a wide variety of dietary fibres to create food for the native commensal flora. The NCFM® strain also produces key antimicrobial substances such as bacteriocins to suppress the growth of opportunistic pathogenic organisms.

May assist in maintaining healthy gut flora balance: Healthy intestinal microflora populations exert many benefits for digestive health assisting bloating, discomfort and function. The NCFM® strain has a unique ability to activate the opioid receptors in the gut and has research in combination with Bi-07 in relieving gut pain and bloating. LGG® has been shown to improve intestinal barrier function by protecting intestinal epithelial cells.

An increasing number of probiotic consumers prefer the convenience of shelf storage but also understand that refrigeration is the most stable environment for high quality probiotic storage. Metagenics and their global partners have developed PROTECTAIR moisture reduction technology to keep the probiotic strains in Ultra Flora Restore Dairy Free stable for up to 60 days at up to 30°C. This gives your patient the convenience of room temperature storage but also enables you to prescribe a high quality, full strength and stable probiotic kept live and protected by your clinic fridge.

PROTECTAIR technology is a triple defence system against probiotic moisture to keep NCFM®, LGG® and Bi-07 strains live and effective for 60 days:

  • 50% less moisture from the air inside the bottle (the air contains moisture) with a new molecular desiccant to trap moisture vapours (humidity).
  • 75% less moisture from the capsule itself (all capsules contain moisture) with a new low moisture capsule.
  • Less moisture activity in the Ultra Flora Restore Dairy Free probiotic formula itself (inside the capsule).


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