2016 – NABBA/WFF Auckland Champs

So around 20 weeks ago I decided to embark on a mission of self improvement, a mission to take my physique beyond the limitations I had previously accomplished and achieve a look somewhere in the vicinity of the human anatomy chart – veins, striations, cuts, separation, symmetry, balance and really just bringing together a nice complete package.

For those of you who know me personally or have worked with me you know that my commitment is un-wavering when I set my sights on my goal, im not one to be out worked and I always ensure every stone will be turned along the way. I do however pride myself on working smart – consistently adjusting nutrition, training and supplementation to coax the body into making steady process is where my passion lies, im a huge advocate of working hard and pushing yourself to the limit but also listening to the body to ensure we’re not being counter productive by pushing too far.

Well lets just say theres been ups and downs along the way, life really does throw you some curve balls sometimes and it really comes down to your personal out look and how you perceive these obstacles as to the effect they have on you moving forward. I think in this instance staying focused on my goal gave me direction and forced me to keeping moving forward, it was hard at the best of times but sometimes you need that little something to hold onto to pull you through.

I hadnt really intended on competing again at this point, it was obviously in the back of my mind but I really wanted to bring something different to the stage the next time I got up there. Its all about being better than the last time, making noticeable improvements and most importantly learning about your body as you go along. With the BioSignature testing at our disposal it really allows us to monitor the body and stay on top of any potential ‘handbrakes’ that may be holding the individual back, its such an effective tool at prioritizing ones health in conjunction with successful, smart fat loss and that goes for the competitor, the sports athlete or anyone who wants to get healthy look after their bodies and get in good shape. The BioSignature assists us to make the correct nutritional, supplementation and training adjustments as we progress towards our goals, this way we tap into the specifics in how the body is responding to a particular protocol and we can adjust as we see fit, it really does take the strain off of the hormonal system and support the body to become optimally efficient.

So 3-4 weeks out from the comp I decided I may aswell have a go and put it out there. I know the level thats required to be successful and even though I feel as if im about 85% of where id like to be I was curious too see how id get on. The Nabba /WFF in my opinion is the most legitimate federation in New Zealand, the judges are long time competitiors that have competed at the highest level for many years and continue to do so, they understand first hand the sacrifices that go into preparation and you can rest assured you will be judged fairly for the work you present.

Back stage is a funny place at times, people getting tanned up left right and centre, weights been moved around to get the body ‘pumped and full’ before you hit the stage. Often the best way to go about it is find a corner chill back and do your own thing, its easy to get wrapped up in everyone elses physique but at the end of the day if you know youve done everything in your power up to that point you cant really be too down on yourself if you dont get the result were all after. Having an amazing support team there to keep you focused on enjoying the moment is always something I appreciate the most, it may just be you standing up there but its the people closest to you that stand by you through the thick and the thin that deserve the recognition aswell – you know who you are and I cant thank you enough !!

Pre-judging flew by, a class win and back out later for the overall championships. I managed to get an extra couple of meals in just to ensure I was nice and ‘full’ and ‘tight’ to push hard for the win. We got out there went through our mandatories, bit of a pose down and its all done and dusted. Now for the waiting game until all the other categories were judged then all of the athletes gather on the stage for the overall announcement. Standing at the back of the stage the anticipation is at its peak, a quick glance down to check my number as the compere announced the ‘Overall Mens WFF Champion is …….. number 16 Brendon Lawrence !! ‘ A feeling of relief, satisfaction and accomplishment came over me, all the hard work had paid off, my first overall win and a very proud moment. As the other overall winners were announced we stood centre stage while all the awards/prizes were given out and photos were taken. It wasnt quite over yet however, the best male poser award was announced and I just happened to take that home aswell – clean sweep, an awesome result !!

All done and dusted I moved back stage to get my tan off and collect my stuff, a large group of family and friends came into the changing rooms to offer there congratulations and get some photos – good people, good times ……… now lets go and eat some good food !!

All and all the Nabba/WFF Auckland Champs was an incredible weekend away that will be remembered for a lifetime !!

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

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