Alex Lovell’s Journey To 5th Dan Black Belt

The main thing I wanted to focus on throughout the journey to 5th Dan Black Belt was to just enjoy it and not let it be a burden. I don’t get to grade very often anymore and I just wanted to enjoy the whole 6 month process, execute the plan I laid out, make sure I am making incremental progress each time I train and not afraid to push my limits. I knew as long as I stuck to the plan and enjoyed my training I would be successful.
On the actual day I was a bit nervous but also confident the work I had done would get me over the line. I just went in with the intention of giving it absolutely everything I had and to surpass my own limits. I didn’t want to hold myself back and pace myself as I backed my fitness to get me through while giving everything absolutely 100%.
The feedback after the grading was amazing with people telling me without a doubt it was my best grading ever. People saw the effort I put in and said what they saw inspired them. I got a lot of people coming up to me after the grading telling me how impressive the grading was. I am proud of what I achieved and knew there was nothing more I could have done as I absolutely emptied the tank. In 5 years though I am looking forward to surpassing even this grading .
Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

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