Alex Lovell Testimonial

I have been training for several years and while I had made progress in that time I felt there was certainly a better way to do things but I needed help to guide me in the right direction. I had gained some strength and muscle in my several years in the gym but I was also carrying a lot more bodyfat than I needed due to mostly trying to get heavier and chasing the scale up.

I knew Brendon from his days of working at Supplement King and from talking with him there I realised he has the knowledge and understanding of training and nutrition far beyond anyone else locally has. When I saw Brendon had started his own business Dynamic Nutrition doing training and nutrition programs I knew this was the answer I needed to take things to another level.

I met with Brendon and Nikayla for my first appointment and straight away the amount of knowledge bombs they dropped in that first session was absolutely mind blowing. Then within about 24 hours of the first appointment I had both my training and nutrition plan all emailed to me and ready to go. Nikayla also set up another session to go through the movements in my training plan to make sure I had everything I needed to know to proceed forward.

The training program was different to what I did in the past but much better to any other program I had ever followed. I made awesome progress with the program from the get go adding weight or several reps to each movement each time I trained at the same time losing bodyfat. The nutrition plan is also amazing giving plenty of choice so you choose what you want to eat so you don’t have to eat the same thing everyday. They also make suggestions on what to add to make the food taste nice in terms of what seasoning or flavours to add. I love the idea of melting cottage cheese over the eggs and my personal favourite meal is yoghurt mixed with chocolate flavour protein, dark chocolate and mixed berries.

In the 6 months of seeing them I have lost about 12kg of bodyweight but gained about 2kg of muscle at the same time. My bodyfat percentage has dropped over 14% and I have never felt better. I have a lot more energy since following their nutrition plan, my performance is up in the gym as well as been able to do things at Taekwon-Do I was unable to do before such as jump a lot higher, hit pads harder and perform much better cardio wise.

Anyone looking to take their fitness to another level and wanting to live a healthy lifestyle should contact Dynamic Nutrition immediately without hesitation.

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition is an exciting initiative put together by amateur bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts Brendon Lawrence and Nikayla Baker.

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