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Brendon Arbuckle

I started my weight loss journey a while ago and felt I never got anywhere, at around 20 years old I was 100ish kg and could never lose it. At 30 I weighed 107kg, I worked my way down to 97kg with a local kickboxing club as I was not happy with my look and sick of being tired all the time. From there my weight stayed around the same for months +/- 5kg while I searched the internet trying to take in information about what I was doing wrong and needing to eat. I had heard of Dynamic Nutrition through word of mouth and found the FB page, I followed the page for a couple months and almost contacted them more than once but got anxious or nervous. I finally after months met Brendon and explained my situation, health issues, and my ultimate goal which was to drop to 85kg by Christmas, ( I remember him telling me the day we met that the weight would melt off). I’ve just been in for my second appointment today after my first month on this meal plan, I have been sticking to the plan Brendon set for me since the day I met him and I can now proudly say I weigh 86.8kg, ALMOST MY GOAL WEIGHT IN 4 WEEKS!!! Was 20.9% body fat and now 18.2%. Lost over 30mm of fat from all over my body, no wonder all my clothes feel baggy. We both were shocked with the results and now I am changing my goal to 80kg by mid September and then going to look at building muscle, and there’s no doubt in my mind who I will get to set me up with a training plan. I can’t thank Dynamic Nutrition enough for putting me on a clear path with what foods I’m eating and how much, I really enjoy the food I eat and now that I have seen the results I’m more pumped to completely change my body and my health than I ever have been. Again Thank you Brendon.

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition is an exciting initiative put together by amateur bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts Brendon Lawrence and Nikayla Baker.

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