Dean Lawrence – 2017 Pan Pacifics & Nabba/WFF Wellington

Now my 2017 comp season is done n dusted I’d like to share a bit of my experiences with everyone in regards to my thoughts of how it all went.

So approx 30 weeks ago now we set out with a plan of attack to do 2 shows this year, Nelson and Pan Pacific Champs. We went with a long prep approach to allow my body to slowly lose body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass and keeping healthy. At the 9 week out mark we changed the overall plan slightly.. I decided I wanted to do Pans and then carry on to the Wellington champs 3 weeks later. Prep up to this point was rather cruisey still eating plenty whilst doing minimum extra cardio a long side my physical job. Even though fat was still dropping at this point Brendon decided that if we wanted to reach that next level of condition for me we better step things up and increase output and lower calories which I was happy with.

At the two week out mark from pans I was happy with my condition and the package I was bringing, improving significantly upon my last 2015 outting which was one of my goals. So bring on comp day.. the show was great, all 3 of us were competing but we all stayed focused and supported each other and had a lot of fun. I placed 2nd out of 8, coming away with good feedback from people saying I should’ve won.. At the end of the day it is what it is bodybuilding is a subjective sport, I thought I deserved the win but it’s in the judges hands.

So now the focus was the Wellington show in 3 weeks time. The goal was to bring a better conditioned physique and make weight again and compete in the same class. We spent the 1st week after Pans feeding the body up and resting it before dropping it back into a hard deficit to lose more fat. The plan worked well and I achieved better condition bringing more separation and detail all over especially glutes and hams. Making weight this time around seemed a little bit harder but we persevered and got there weighing in just under 80kg, 79.4kg.

The Wellington show was a long show for me, starting at 12 and not ending till 8, I wasn’t on until 3.30pm for my class then after taking that out I had to wait for overalls at 8pm. I was feeling confident going into overalls and I got out there with all the other class winners, posed hard and took it out which was an amazing feeling as I was ticking off a huge goal of mine, what a way to finish the season!

Working with my brother has been great, he understands how my body functions and it’s nutritional needs which is important and he made solid decisions throughout the whole prep and offered advice every time I needed it. His knowledge on diet, supplementation and training is truely next level and I look forward to continuing working together in the future and smashing more goals of mine!

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