Helen Hastie – Client Journey

Brendon was recommended to me by my personal trainer. I’ve never been to a nutritionist before so was unsure how it would go. He’s a nice person. He’s not intimidating even after you’ve stared at his competition photos and realised how much time and effort he puts into his body. On the other hand you realise he must know a thing or two.

I found he listened carefully to me and asked relevant questions – including what foods did I like – that gave me hope. He has put together a food plan that is able to be followed, has variations and plenty of food – no starving here! Plus there’s flexibility, it’s not about never eating anything not on the plan just making good choices when you do and treats are ok occasionally.

A good surprise as the weeks went by was the ease of now choosing nutritious food . Another surprise was finding supermarket shopping much easier. Most shopping is done in the outside aisles.

Monthly reviews are helpful to measure results, ask questions, alter plan if necessary. Feedback is always prompt, professionally presented and easy to follow with helpful links and always supportive.

Brendon has made a difference in my life, I am getting great results, I wish I’d seen him years ago. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to make good changes to their nutrition.

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition is an exciting initiative put together by amateur bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts Brendon Lawrence and Nikayla Baker.

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