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Looking at our health and fitness under a broad umbrella of factors helps us determine potential areas of our lives that could be slowing or even stalling our progress. If you have or are currently working with us you will know that we are big on relaxation techniques, managing stress hormone and helping to un-wind the body and the mind from our hectic day to day existence. Often a lot of us don’t look at ourselves as being stressed however when we take a look from an outside perspective we will often come to the revelation that our life is actually more stressful than we thought. Now we’ve all heard the saying ‘stress kills’ and it does – you only have to look at how crazy fast paced life is becoming and the effect that has on our health as a whole. We are aging faster than ever, health issues are becoming a very common topic of discussion, burning out/nervous breakdowns so on, obviously it is not always stress related however everything in and around us is contributing to a stressful load on our bodies.

Now we can ramble on all day about how stressful everything is but why don’t we skip along and talk a little more about a relaxation technique that supports stress management along with a whole host of other benefits – the Infrared Sauna!

The InfraRed Sauna is a little different from your typical steam sauna in the sense that it sends out a wave of light to primarily heat the object in the room (you), this enables the sweating to occur at a much lower temperature and it also allows much deeper penetration into the body. So basically you are receiving a more comfortable yet more beneficial experience.

The benefits here are that the InfraRed Sauna is more effective at getting into the fat cells and breaking up clusters of molecules that may be preventing dangerous lipid trapped toxins from being released. This means that the composition of sweat is different – the sweat produced carries more toxins including unwanted chemicals and heavy metals. These are the types of things that we are exposed to on a daily basis that really do our bodies nothing but harm.

The InfraRed sauna promotes relaxation by helping to balance your body’s balance of Cortisol (stress hormone). The heat generated will also help to relax the muscles, relieve tension throughout the body allowing you to relax, de-stress and recover. We find this particularly helpful if you are doing a lot of intense exercise on a regular basis.

The Infrared Sauna can have a positive impact on many areas of your health such as supporting healthy blood pressure, enhancing liver detoxification and skin health, improving circulation resulting in more calories burned- stimulating weight loss, reducing inflammation, relaxation – including muscle and joint health and improving recovery.

For those that dont enjoy the difficulty breathing or the heat on your eyes from a traditional steam sauna, you will be sure to find yourself at home in the InfraRed zone!

So many benefits towards our health – you really do have to try it for yourself.

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

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