Laura Brown Shape Competitor – Testimonial

I have so much thanks and appreciation for Brendon at Dynamic Nutrition for supporting me with my competition prep.

When i first sat down with Brendon i was a little nervous not knowing what I was in for, but i remember one of the first things Brendon said to me was “my main priority through your prep is to keep you healthy” this gave me a huge sense of relief and trust.

Brendon took into account my goals, what i wanted to achieve, the foods i liked and disliked, what training i was doing, and put together my own individualized nutrition, training and supplementation plan that would help me reach those goals. This plan was simple, easy to follow and was adjusted regularly to keep things fresh and keep me right on track.

What i like about Dynamic Nutrition is they understand every client is different. We all have different goals, different metabolisms, genetic make-up, and hormone activity and this is where they offer a huge point of difference by taking all these factors into account when doing up your individualized plan.

Not only did i reach my goals, i felt great through my entire competition prep. I had little to no cravings and plenty of energy to keep focused. I feel i’ve also learnt valuable lifestyle habits that I intend i use well after my competition.

If you’re wanting to become leaner, stronger, or just learn healthier lifestyle habits to become a better version of yourself, then i would certainly contact Dynamic Nutrition.


Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition is an exciting initiative put together by amateur bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts Brendon Lawrence and Nikayla Baker.

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