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I began my weight loss journey in November 2016 using an intermittent fasting approach and lost 8-9kg in 8 weeks.  However, Christmas fast approached, and I struggled to get back on track after the festive season.  Between January and May I continued the fasting approach, and attending the gym, but wasn’t strict about any of it.  With a rather hectic schedule, a busy part time solo mum (5 children) as hubby worked away quite often for long periods of time , working 20+ hours a week, running a business, coordinating playgroups and travelling around the country attending to children’s sports and events, then taking on a foster child, I began to feel unhappy about my weight and lack of progress losing it.  Not to mention a sense of overwhelming exhaustion.

I began a search for a personal trainer, and tried a few with no response, before stumbling across Dynamic Nutrition.  What I liked about reading through their website, was the many different approaches/styles they offered including life coaching, and decided to make contact.

Brendon got in touch with me through skype, and from there my journey kick started.  When he talked about training from home, I wasn’t truly convinced that I could stick to this, and wondered how I was even going to fit this all in.  Our first skype session began followed by a Training programme and Nutrition plan.  What I loved about this, was the fact Brendon and Nikayla took everything into account and provided me with a holistic programme, really focusing on my health and well-being, but incorporating my goals.  The Nutrition plan was simple, affordable and delicious, while fitting my lifestyle and sticking to the fasting approach.  The Training was also manageable where I took it day by day to begin with, always asking questions when needed.  Both Brendon and Nikayla were there right by my side available and responsive to all of needs and questions, which gave me more motivation as I was doing this at home by myself.

What I began to notice was on my treat days I would do home-made cooking/baking for the entire family (youngest child has food allergies), using gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes.  Some would be put away for school lunches, while the remaining we all got to eat together as a family.  My children, particularly my youngest began getting involved with the cooking too (she’s now 3 years old).

When our foster child moved in, we made a decision as a family to eliminate as much sugar as possible from our house, and the Sunday cooking/baking is now a weekly norm.

As my training progressed, and weight began to decrease, my hubby has since jumped on my ban wagon, and joins me for my cardio sessions and a weight session, while getting himself back into his own sports.

Though my meals are specific to my nutrition plan, our family meals and children’s lunches and snacks are based around similar foods (obviously appropriate for their needs).  My family now look forward to their treats, and are all eating a healthier balanced diet.  My toddler will often join me too during my workouts.

After 15 weeks, I got to meet Nikayla and Brendon for the first time in person, accompanied with my first training session with Nikayla, and although nervous to meet them both, I thoroughly enjoyed my session.

10kg down now, with no alcohol or sugar for the past 15 weeks and sticking to the plan and still working towards my goal weight, I would sincerely like to thank Brendon and Nikayla for giving me clarity in both mind and body, subtly pushing me, your ongoing encouragement and support, and proving me wrong that working out from home is actually achievable.  My family and I are extremely appreciative and grateful.  My older children are loving their new mum ??

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition is an exciting initiative put together by amateur bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts Brendon Lawrence and Nikayla Baker.

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