Metabolic Damage

Have you always struggled to lose weight ?? Have you been on numerous diets and exercise program’s that produce initial results but quickly fade leaving you exhausted, craving foods, run down with no energy, moody and just fed up with getting no where?? Your eating less than you’ve ever eaten before and your training like its going out of fashion but your just not seeing any results?? If this sounds familiar you could be suffering from ‘neuroendocrineimmune dysfunction’ or whats more commonly known as non-diagnostic Metabolic Damage.

When we look back at our lives some of us will identify with constant struggles in relation to our weight loss. Each new diet fad that came out in the latest women’s weekly or mens health, we’d jump on board with hopes and dreams that this was it, this was the one we were waiting for, finally im going to reach my goals!! Only to be met a couple weeks in with more disappointment, dropped weight to start with however that quickly plateaued out and now you seem to be gaining back what you just lost, not to mention more dollars down the drain with another failed attempt.

As we go through this routine over the months or years the unfortunate aspect is the compounding effect this sort of stress has on your metabolism, with each set back we find ourselves deeper in the hole with potential ‘recovery’ becoming more prolonged. When the ‘eat less exercise more’ approach is taken to the extreme its like a tug of war game you can never win, you pull and the metabolism pulls back harder.

So what are we supposed to do from here?? Basically it comes down to an individual assessment based on your unique history, we need to take into consideration how long this has been going on and the extent you have been pushing your body . We then look to nutritionally support the body with a monitored caloric intake to support metabolic efficiency. Potential stressors ie. excessive over exercising will be reduced ,these adjustments will be made strategically in conjunction with your nutritional uptake to prevent a rebound effect on the metabolism. Often in extreme cases the hormonal profile has been compromised, specific supplementation to support the harmony of the inner systems is essential for optimal recovery.

TIME – it took time to get into this situation, its going to take time to get out of it. We need to stop looking at the metabolism as a calculator and view it in more of a thermostat aspect -we run it too hard and its going to switch off !!

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition is an exciting initiative put together by amateur bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts Brendon Lawrence and Nikayla Baker.

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