What’s ‘Measured is Managed’

The saying ‘WHAT’S MEASURED IS MANAGED’ is something we like to use as a tool with our health, fitness and well being. Nutritional adjustments, training/exercise output and also lifestyle factors such as sleep, gut health, detoxification etc all have an effect on our composition and results.

Each of the 12 sites in the chart below gives us feedback on how the bodies hormonal profile is responding to the tools we apply to elicit change.

How do you know whats working if you cant measure or manage a specific application ??

This is where we can really learn about your body as an individual and understand the ‘WHYS’ when they present themselves.

Lets run through the chart below and I’ll explain what I did personally to make those changes.

1/31/18 – 2/18/18 ; I knew I was eating too much, a SEE-FOOD diet you might like to call it, SEE FOOD and eat it !! Sauces and all the extras on everything. Water intake was average, around 2 litres per day, I wasn’t dehydrated but I knew I wasn’t drinking enough. Tools applied – reduce intake ever so slightly, it was off the top of my head around 2-300 cals, I don’t use calorie counters but I have a pretty good idea of the nutritional content of the foods I eat, drop all condiments and increase water to a minimum 3 litres per day. Change occured.

2/18/18-2/25/18 – Feeling much better now, sleep is starting to improve, energy levels are good and motivation is on point. All meals/supps and water intake going in on point.Tools applied – Another slight reduction in food, once again no calorie counting, just done on where I feel I can reduce intake without sacrificing too much of what I enjoy. Change occured.

2/25/18-3/4/18- Want to get a good drop this next week so decided to go to bed 45-60 minutes earlier each night, swapped over from tap water to BPA free bottled water containing No Fluoride, Chlorine or Heavy Metals, added in 3 x 10 min fasted H.I.I.T sessions on non training days, basically sprinting up the driveway with the dog then walking back down. No food changes. Change occured.

3/4/18-3/9/18- Pretty happy with how things are sitting, still eating plenty of food. Exercise output is easily manageable and the important things like sleep, recovery, energy levels, hydration, digestion, relationship and stress management are all on point. Life balance is good, I feel healthy, positive and enthused. Another slight reduction in food and H.I.I.T sessions increased to 15 minutes, add in 1 x 40 minute infrared sauna as we’re testing only after 5 days not a full 7 and BOOM, change occured.

Now im not saying its this simple for everyone, this is something I’ve been doing for 10+ years now so I have a fairly good understanding of my body and how it responds…. don’t get me wrong though it still likes to throw a spanner in the works here and there to keep me humble and to remind me there’s always more to learn.

I guess the message here is the finer details do matter, having some way of measuring and managing your achievements and your failures will help you learn about yourself and your body. Don’t get too hooked up on the numbers… yes its nice to see the scales/measurements/body composition change but at the same time remember at the core of those results is good habits and life balance.We know it when we feel out of balance, we feel yucky when we’re over worked, stressed and not eating well.

Eat good clean food, its the fuel for life. Drink lots of water everyday, make it your mission to drink more. Get more sleep, manage stress and nurture your relationships with those closest to you. Be positive MEASURE & MANAGE your health, life and well being 🙂


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Dynamic Nutrition

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