Zenna Takerei Testimonial

About 4 months after having my second baby I thought it was time to get healthy again. I started off slow with exercise and nutrition losing about 8kgs over the next 5 months but came to a Plateau… I had no idea what I was doing wrong so I emailed Dynamic Nutrition and booked in with Nikayla.

I was so nervous about meeting her but she was absolutely amazing and made me feel so comfortable. Starting out I was sitting at 19.6% body fat with my goal being to get under 17% and gain more muscle which we hit within 16 weeks. My goals then changed as I wanted more so I also asked Nikayla if she could make me some workout programs. Following each for 6weeks I noticed I was getting stronger right away !!

I then went backwards for a few weeks as I was going through some personal stuff and my heart was just not as in to it… I was eating what ever I wanted and when I went in for my appointment I was so embarrassed that I nearly cancelled but she let me know it was okay and said we wouldnt be human if we didnt slip up every now and then. Once I got back on track we added a PT Season in once a week to make sure I was pushing myself hard enough and to shock the muscles. My new goals are now to get under 15% and gain more muscle. I have learnt so much about my body in this journey even more then I learnt in doing a PT course!!!

I couldnt be more happier with my choice!!

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition

Dynamic Nutrition is an exciting initiative put together by amateur bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts Brendon Lawrence and Nikayla Baker.

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